New York

Republican National Convention, 2004

The summer of 2004 I spent a lot of time documenting the protests against George Bushs’ re-election. Below are a few negatives I scanned touching on the call and response to this movement.

To see more of this documentation follow some of the links below
“For George W.”
“Dept. of peace”

New York

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your support! It really meant a lot for all of you who where able to come and sent messages of support and encouragement! For all those who weren’t able to make it tonight to the opening but are still interested in seeing the work it will be up until July 6th at the Abrazo Interno Gallery at 107 Suffolk St. the hours I believe are 3:30- 7:00p

My deepest appreciation,


New York

My first New York Show: Cityscapes Revised

Curated by Zoe Lukov
Opening reception: June 22nd 6-9 pm
Abrazo Interno Gallery at CSV: 107 Suffolk Street

Featuring works by: Carlton DeWoody, Lucas Flores Piran, Chibi Lai, Wayne Liu, Zenith Richards Reyes Santiago Rojas and Georgia Wall

Using the Clemente Soto Velez Center and its presence in New York’s Lower East Side as a point of departure, Performing Coordinates: Cityscapes Revised investigates the performance of our individual identities upon the layered physical spaces we inhabit. The L.E.S. is the neighborhood in which immigrants to New York have settled, and where today, hipsters, scenesters, artists and young professionals lay claim to the stories, cultures, and people that define this contested territory. Performing Coordinates seeks to re-envision the cartography of the city as a palimpsest of histories that engage and affect the people who occupy it.